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Alex and Michelle have found a NEW THING in their world. They don’t know how it works, what it’s for, or what they should do with it, but it’s made of a lovely material, and it helps us bounce and have fun.

As they explore the NEW THING with their audience they realise that finding balance in their relationships can be a fun and rewarding challenge. You’re invited to watch them swing, dance, twist and leap as they work it out! 


SeeSaw is a multi-sensory show for young and neurodivergent audiences. Incorporating circus, music, makaton and dance, Michelle and Alex take the audience on a journey of play and discovery. As they investigate the new thing they realise that they can’t always do things the same way, and that working together can be tricky. 

After a very successful research and development session with Flying Fantastic and Oily Cart, SeeSaw will be coming soon to schools, theatres, festivals and communities.

Creators - Alex Gomar and Michelle Zahner

Sensory Consultant - Natalya Martin

Associate Director - Björn Dahlman

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