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Alex has been facilitating workshops for almost a decade, for a wide variety of contexts, from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, refugee camps, and corporate and community settings.

His workshops span a range of techniques and arts forms, speciliasing in creating environments of playful risk-taking, accessing silliness, physical exploration and expansion, and collaborative creation as well as more technical aspects of theatre arts such as mime and physical technique, text and verse engagement, and devising techniques.

If you'd like to contact Alex about workshops, please get in touch via the contact form:

WITH schools and young people

Alex has been providing workshops for schools and young people his entire career, both as an independent facilitator, and with experienced partners such as The Art Space for Kids (China) and Imaginary Theatre (Australia). He can provide bespoke workshops for all ages, and in a range of disciplines, including the following:


Creative Learning:

Physical expression, exploration and basic dance

Shadow puppetry

Imaginarium building

City building


Shakespeare, text and performance

Physical theatre techniques:

- Corporeal Mime (Decroux technique)

- Viewpoints

- Contemporary dance

- Devising theatre

Previous Creative Learning Projects include:

THE IMAGINEERS PROJECT - A creative learning project for 5-6 year olds led by Imaginary Theatre and The A.S.K., this project saw a kindergarten turned into an Imaginarium to explore and showcase the raw creativity of young learners.

WELCOME TO MONSTERLAND - A term-long project, building island communities for our monster characters, building teamwork, physical and visual creativity, as well as social, civic and environmental responsibility.

WHAT IS ESSENTIAL - Inspired by Antoine Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece, The Little Prince, this intensive camp explores what is most important to us, culminating in a promenade performance created by young people.

THERE WAS A LITTLE WINDOW - A school take-over, concluding in a child-led, task-based performance adventure for adults based on our favourite games.


Alex has facilitated workshops or lectures at the following institutions:

Haberdashers' Askes Boys School - Dance workshop series (Year 12)

East Beijing Road Primary School - Creative Learning Workshops - Devising Theatre workshop course (ages 10-12)

Seven Coloured Flowers School - Creative Learning Workshops - Shadow puppetry and music theatre courses (ages 7-9)

Fortune Kindergarten - Creative Learning - Imaginariums and world-building courses (ages 5-6)

Shanghai United International School - Devising Theatre and mindfulness workshops (ages 10-14)

Lycée Francais de Shanghai - Physical Theatre workshops (ages 14-15)

Shanghai Normal University - Lecture on the history of mime (undergraduate)

Meiji University - Lecture on gender and performance (undergraduate)

Shanghai Normal University Middle School - Shakespeare: text and performance course (ages 14-18)

Shanghai Middle School - Shakespeare: text and performance course (ages 14-18)

Jinhua Middle School - Shakespeare: text and performance course (ages 14-16)

Oaklands College - Shakespeare: text and performance workshop (year 10)

Tangzhen Middle School - Adaptation and performance course (ages 10-12)

Le Mêle sur Sarthe Primary School - Creative learning workshops (ages 4-8)

Shanghai Theatre Academy - Devising Theatre course (musical theatre undergraduat students)

WITH companies and communities


A Space to Play with

A playful journey into new creative pathways

Perfect for adults and corporate settings that are looking for a little creative boost, this workshop uses theatrical techniques to get past our inhibitions to foster teamwork, creativity, play, and spontaneity, exploring new ways of accessing deep, raw creativity through collective creation and feedback. It is also ideal for anyone interested in practically exploring creative physical theatre and devising.

Half day, full day, multiple day workshops available.

WITH refugee and migrant communities

Invited by The Good Chance Theatre, since 2015 Alex has been providing safe, playful spaces for creation, expression and collaboration between different groups within communities, and has co-created a number of iterations of The Hope Show with the company, building cohesion and wellbeing in challenging times and spaces.

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