WHAT trash are you?

Artist Residency produced with PAN Shanghai

In association with the Climate Change Theatre Action Festival 2019, PAN Shanghai produced its first artist residency on the theme of waste and sustainability.

Bringing together 12 artists from all corners of the earth, and from such diverse disciplines as contemporary dance, chinese opera, multimedia installation art, illustration, photography and puppetry, the What Trash Are You? residency occupied Yell Space in Shanghai's M50 arts district for 4 days to foster new collaborations and connections between artists, cultures and disciplines.

On the fourth day, members of the local community were invited to join an immersive promenade performance by the residents, culminating in a facilitated, mulit-lingual, democratic discussion on the themes of waste and sustainability. The residency was live-streamed to viewers at home, and sought to create as little waste, and as small a carbon footprint as possible, even going as far as to forego the use of electricity.