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A comet burns across an empty sky. Down below, two giants fall in love across a vast ocean, sending messages to each other on the wings of birds. 

As peace becomes chaos in the wake of a disaster, cracks start to appear. Naut and Astrid float closer together as their people drift further apart - but in the darkest hours we might find the best of humanity.

Autumn 2020 brings a fireside evening of music and folklore. Using an age-old storytelling technique, Anytime The Wind Can Change draws audiences around the campfire to watch the touching parable of two lonely giants on opposite sides of an ocean, told through shadow puppetry to an original live musical score. 

Writer and Director - Alex Podger

Puppet maker and Puppeteer - Caitlin Strongarm

Producer and Narrator - Alex Gomar

Music from Benjamin Yellowitz and Sian Herbert