Alex trained in the performing arts at the University of Cambridge, Shanghai Theatre Academy and at the Parisian physical theatre schools of Lecoq and Decroux, and continues to enhance his skills through trainin and practice.


Performing professionally since 2012, Alex has performed across North America, Europe and Asia in productions incorporating classical theatre, mime, contemporary dance, clowning, chinese opera, the Suzuki Method, butoh and puppetry.

As a creative and devising performer, he makes dynamic, physical and accessible work for diverse ages and backgrounds to foster community and discussion. He is a dedicated, playful, skilled, and conscientious performer, adept at solo and ensemble creation.


Statue and Performance Artist


Shakespeare, new comedy, narration, musical theatre, physical theatre, puppetry.

Having cut his teeth in spoken drama and musicals at the University of Cambridge, Alex's career expanded into devising theatre and experimental forms, incorporating training with butoh, the Suzuki Method, and Chinese Opera.

To expand his physical capabilities and play, and to reduce his grow beyond spoken word theatre to reach intercultural communities, he trained in physical theatre and mime at the L'Ecole Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, and L'Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique (Decroux technique).

He regularly creates for commissions and for other companies as a freelancer, with credits including performing as Feste in Twelfth Night at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, and with Punchdrunk in Sleep No More.

He creates his own work through his theatre company, Reallynice.



With hypnotic physical control thanks to his intensive training in mime and physical theatre arts, Alex came to contemporary dance through an unusual pathway, bringing his passion and hunger for movement to any opportunity.

A former company dancer with SLATE Contemporary Dance Company, he has most recently worked with choreographers such as Anneliese Charek, Pao Su, Mistaya Hemingway, and Sun Wenting.

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Under the wing of Swedish clown Björn Dahlman, Alex was lucky enough to find his energetic and well-meaning clown, Gordon, who has been creating hilarity and mess in schools and community centres for Clowns Without Borders Sweden since 2016.

Poor Gordon. He does his best.

If you'd like Gordon to find his way to your school or community, contact Alex directly, and he will do his best to get Gordon there.


Gordon will even bring his own ukulele, though he might not know how to play it very well...



Though anything but still.

First performed in residence at Paris' Le Grand Palais, this durational performance piece sees the human body moving at an improbably slow speed, confusing and enthralling passers by.

Though quite capable of standing by itself without make-up and other visual elements, this performance piece can be tailored to any event with costuming and make-up. Suitable for booking for day-long events.

With strong physicality and visual imagery, Alex can make bespoke performance art for events or commissions.

Performance Art