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A graduate of Lecoq, Decroux, Shanghai Theatre Academy and the University of Cambridge, ​Alex is the founder and producer of Reallynice Theatre Company, and co-founder of Peculiar Hand and the community arts organisation, PAN Shanghai.

Actor, mime, clown, dancer, Alex is based between the UK and China, making accessible and engaging work that fosters community and connection.

His workshops and community projects have engaged thousands of participants in a multitude of ways, from building imaginariums in kindergartens to making shows in refugee camps.


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Alex is an experienced producer of new theatre work for independent companies, international tours for leading organisations, and artist residencies in community spaces.

His primary aim is to foster community, communication and connection, specialising in building bridges through intercultural and international projects.


Actor, mime, clown, dancer, and performance artist, Alex is highly skilled in diverse disciplines including classical theatre, comedy, non-verbal, visual and physical theatre, contemporary dance, and theatre for young audiences. 



Alex is a seasoned workshop facilitator, creating playful spaces for exploration, expression and collaboration. He has extensive experience in a range of contexts in educational and community settings, facilitating creative learning, community building, and skills practice.




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